<![CDATA[Homeschool 4 - Alex Blog]]>Wed, 09 Dec 2015 22:16:29 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[We're on our way!]]>Mon, 19 May 2014 13:27:42 GMThttp://homeschooling4.weebly.com/alex-blog/were-on-our-wayIt is one day till we get home and I'm excited to see my dad again but there is a lot more thinking going on in my head than just that and I'm going to share that thinking now.

Why am I here and what is changing?
So before I leave I'm thinking what's special about Argentina, what might I not see again here? When I get back home I will not see palm trees or have the great ice cream but I'm especially sad that we won't see our freinds again. (Mostly the Marias, but other children we met here too.) Who can help me with that sad feeling and how? I'm sure that these feelings will disappear with all the excitement at home.  However there are a lot of things that Canada has and Argentina does not.

When I was in Argentina I was waiting to see some things back at home. Having our Wii u and seeing maple trees again but I'm especially excited to see my freinds.

It's not just a party
When I get home it will be summer basically but the last few weeks of non vacation I will be going to school. I'm excited to see my friends and teacher but there are some disadvantage that come with that.

1. While we were in Argentina we did not have to start school at 9:00 o clock in the morning, we could start early or later, we could even do school on Saturday instead of Friday! Also we are sometimes getting up later now and even if we don't get up later we are used to being relaxed in the morning.

2. After having only two people in my class (one being me and the other being my brother), plus our teacher being our mom, and how we all sat at the dining room table, it will be strange to come back to a classroom with about 25 kids each having their own desk and a teacher that is not my mom or dad.

So there you have it, all my thoughts on the big excitement of coming home. Think how you would feel in this position. Would you be excited? Would you be scared? How about both?

This is the last blog post of mine you will see here so viewers thanks for commenting. Knowing people read this makes me feel more enthusiastic to write more.

The End]]>
<![CDATA[Salta]]>Mon, 12 May 2014 14:03:14 GMThttp://homeschooling4.weebly.com/alex-blog/salta]]><![CDATA[Arts Month]]>Thu, 08 May 2014 19:02:58 GMThttp://homeschooling4.weebly.com/alex-blog/arts-monthThis past month we spent some time doing Arts and now I'm looking back over, and thinking about what I learned.

What and When
The things we did were Singing, Drama, Piano, Photography (only I did photography, Simon learned about programming). Trevor was our singing teacher, Christian taught us drama, we had Gabriel for piano, photography I learned from Mica, one of the Marias. Simon's programming was taught by mom.

We had a schedule of what we did day by day. On Monday we did singing and the after lunch we had piano. On Tuesday we had drama and in the afternoon was more piano. Wednesday was a free day besides the morning when I had photography. Thursday we had french and piano. Friday was more singing. Now the weekends were a break though. I think it is a busy schedule, busy in a good way.

Let's think deeper
So what I realized after doing some of this was a lot! So I'll tell you about that.

Some of the things we leaned this month were also related to the thing we learned earlier this year for example light (from our science unit) was related to photography, sound is related to music, and gym was related to drama. Earlier this week we had a big conversation about the comparisons and i saw there was so many.

Another thing we learned is that these things could help us in our life in general. Piano is a good starting point for all musical instruments and singing will help us breathe and be calmer.

It was really fun learning with all our teachers between first meeting them and all through the classes. Sometimes it was still hard to do these projects though, especially at the end because we were going to leave soon and this meant to them "let's pack as much as we can in today's class!"

I still think I will miss them though as we were almost crying when we finished piano, well our mom was anyway. It felt strange to think that we would probably never see our piano teacher (along with all our other teachers) ever again!

Over all this month was a great inspiration for my life and I will take all of this with me.]]>
<![CDATA[Booking it]]>Thu, 01 May 2014 14:19:11 GMThttp://homeschooling4.weebly.com/alex-blog/booking-itThe other day we looked back at the books we read this past year.  We were comparing messages and remembering what some books were about.  Then our teacher Ms. Teschow told us to write a blog post about our favourite book.  Here's mine:

Winston of Churchill
My favourite book we read together out of all 13 we read together was "Winston of Churchill" for the following reasons. 

I liked some features of the book like how it was about a polar bear. (I like animals.)  

Also I liked how the main character of the story was based on a real person, Winston Churchill, the prime minister of Britain about 60 years ago, which was around World war 2. One thing  he was saying is that we should not give up in the war. In fact one of the speeches Churchill said in real life was also in the book. "We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the beaches. We shall fight on the landing grounds. We shall fight on the fields and streets. We shall fight on the hills. We shall never surrender." This was funny because the Polar bears in the book were not on an Island, they were in Manitoba!

Winston the polar bear said that "we must all do our part, no matter how small" as he fought for his home.

Life learning
Now that's just one book we read but all the others had messages too. We read books about racism, teamwork, treasure meaning, and lots more! There were some similarities between the characters and the messages in many of these books, but all of them deep down inside had their own special message. 

It's important to take what you learned with you!  A message I will take with me is that everyone can do their part to make the world  better place.  That doesn't mean to do as little as you can, but if you can only do a little, that's okay.]]>
<![CDATA[Mind Snacks French]]>Fri, 18 Apr 2014 19:29:43 GMThttp://homeschooling4.weebly.com/alex-blog/mind-snacks-frenchPicturenumbers lesson
Mind Snacks offers a fun way to learn languages.  My brother and I have been using it this year to help us learn French.

You can choose from a number of things you want to learn, for example, numbers, colours, foods, etc.  First you tap on flash cards with a picture and the word, and it says the word in French.  Then you can play games.  You have two games to start off with that help you practise the new words you learned.  Once you have learned a word really well, you master it, and if you master all the words in a lesson, you can move on to another lesson.  Mastered words also show up on your "mastered words" list. You can review your mastered words through games.

Picturegames menu screen
Every time you play a certain amount of games and get closer to mastering words, you beat a level.  Beating a certain number of levels unlocks the next game.  I've unlocked three games, so now I have five games to choose from.

If you're stumped about what to do, there are quests that will help you decide.  You can also set reminder emails to tell you when it's time to practise.

I like Mind Snacks because the games are fun, and I feel like I am learning French.  We have a French tutor who comes once a week, and using this app, I can choose which lesson to learn, which matches up to what we're doing with our French tutor.

I recommend Mind Snacks apps for children and anybody else who doesn't like to learn languages, because this app will make learning languages fun!

<![CDATA[My Top 5 Favourite Places to visit in Buenos Aires]]>Thu, 17 Apr 2014 14:45:51 GMThttp://homeschooling4.weebly.com/alex-blog/my-top-5-favourite-places-to-visit-in-buenos-airesPicture
There are many great places to visit in Buenos Aires, especially for kids.

These are my favourites.  The criteria I used for picking these are:
  • interesting and fun
  • comfortable (temperature, not too crowded)
  • price (not too expensive - doesn't matter for me, because my mom pays, but still important if you're looking for a good deal!)
  • educational activities don't feed you junk

1. Natural Science Museum
This is my top favourite because it is educationally interesting. I like animals, plants, and minerals and that what this great place holds. It is also not very crowded in this museum. We went there two times and there was barely anybody there. Along with that the building is very cool. Finally the price is pretty cheap so you can go again and again.

2. Zoo
The zoo very hot and crowded however it is again up my line for interest because it has animals. If you can read Spanish there are signs beside the enclosures that tell you about the animal also. Finally believe it or not the zoo is free for kids!

3. Children's Museum
This place is surprisingly a giant play place for kids! Although it is very expensive this place is mostly realistic and some parts show you cool info. One thing before we get to excited it is very crowded in this place.

4. Science Center in Recoletta
This center is very interactive and you can have lots of fun touching and playing with different buttons and puzzles. This place is expensive and crowded but its worth going to.

5. Planetarium
This place is small but very educational. It has a few interesting projects on display and also has a great space show you should definitely see. It is pack with people and kind of expensive but like I said please go just once at least.

<![CDATA[Medieval jobs]]>Tue, 01 Apr 2014 16:24:13 GMThttp://homeschooling4.weebly.com/alex-blog/medieval-jobsImagine if you were bad at your job someone would come and kill you! That would happen in medieval times. This blog post is going to be about some medieval jobs with pros and cons of each job.

A peasant would work on the land that a lord owned. They would do things on the land that the lord wanted them to such as plant and pick crops for them and the lord to eat. Depending on what time of year it was you would do different jobs on the land for example in spring you'd plant crops and in fall you'd pick crops. This job would really keep you busy. You'd live in a small little hut made of mud, straw or even worse, dung. Also you would have no clean clothes to wear. A con for this job. You would always be outside no matter what the weather, even when it was raining the lord had a job for you. Although women, men, and children could all do this job, men would get paid more for doing the same thing. Women were not treated equally in medieval times.

PictureBlack smith
Black smith
A black smith would create and fix tools such as helmets and swords. Black smiths were very popular because of their high value metal items and skills to make these items. That's a pro. Wood is not very strong and if a black smith made wood weapons he would not get lots of customers. Depending on where the black smith worked they would have different lifestyles. For example, a black smith in the city would probably have more money then the ones who live in the country as they were thought to work in the castle as a servant for the owner.

Jesters would entertain kings and lords. They would wear funky clothes such as jingly hats, jingly boots, and light colours. Jesters had many tricks and talents to share such as magic tricks, jokes, and singing. If you are a fun and funny guy this was the job for you. Though if jesters were not good they would be killed by a noble or perhaps the king himself! That is one big and fat con.

Which job do you like best? Please leave a comment. What did you learn?

Info taken from Medieval life, Wikipedia, and 100 medieval jobs you might loved or loathed.
Pictures taken of Wikipedia, WoWWiki, and Paint the world super coloring.
<![CDATA[Thoughts about Homeschooling]]>Mon, 31 Mar 2014 21:06:40 GMThttp://homeschooling4.weebly.com/alex-blog/thoughts-about-homeschoolingIt is one week before we finish school! I am writing thoughts about this year related to the home school part of our trip. 

What were some pros and hard parts about this trip?
I liked being together with my family at school as my teacher was my mom and my only classmate was my bro. I felt like I could learn at my level now with only two kids in my class with one of them being me. I did feel that I was struggling at first learning at my level though, because I wasn't used to having my thinking stretched so much! Over the year, I had a lot of opportunities to meet with the teacher, and that helped me become a better learner. For example, sometimes I would read a book to my mom, and then we would look at the CAFE menu together and see what I did well and what I would need to improve on. 

Since my mom was my teacher we did bend the rules which was good and bad. Sometimes we would start school later which was nice, but one time my mom did not wear any pants to class!

What goals did you set in reading and writing?
I made some goals in reading and writing and learned some ways to tell if I did or did not complete those goals. 1 way I found out if I completed or did not complete goals is reading my blog posts from September and then comparing them to blog posts I wrote in March (since I'm writing this on March 31). I also ask experienced people such as my mom for help to come up with goals. Over all most of my goals are completed. My writing now has more detail than in September, and I write a lot more now than I used to.

My attitude about writing, reading, math, etc. has changed this year.  You could look at one of these subjects as something your teacher makes you do, or you could look at it as something good for you, that your teacher is encouraging you with.  I used to not like to do too much work, but now, I think work is fun!

I felt that I learned a lot this year and hope to learn more every day. My mom is a very good teacher because her real life job is teaching.]]>
<![CDATA[Uruguay]]>Sun, 30 Mar 2014 12:33:19 GMThttp://homeschooling4.weebly.com/alex-blog/uruguay
Mind map of Colonia Uruguay
<![CDATA[Motion Math App Review]]>Thu, 27 Mar 2014 14:50:31 GMThttp://homeschooling4.weebly.com/alex-blog/motion-math-app-reviewPictureHome menu screen
Simon and I are trying to get good at our multiplication facts and to help with that we are taking courses on the computer. Also we are seeing if we can find any good multiplication apps on the app store. We found one for me called Match. We looked at the app creator's website and discovered that he makes a lot of math games including some I know and like, like Hungry Fish. So I got a play pack with 6 of his apps. 

I wasn't real excited about getting math apps at first, but once I started playing the games, I really liked them a lot.  And I feel more confident with my multiplication, too!

PictureHungry Fish Home Screen
One of the apps included I'm going to tell you about is Hungry Fish. Its purpose is to teach you how to do addition and subtraction facts. Also the app teaches you negatives.

The way the game works with addition mode is it starts with a fish on the screen with a number on it and bubbles with numbers on them too. The number on the fish is the only number that the fish will eat. Bubbles with that number can be "fed" to the fish. Although bubbles with numbers will keep appearing on the screen every few seconds, if there is no bubble with your number on your current screen but there are 2 numbers that add up to your number, you simply slide those 2 number bubbles together to get your number. I'm a visual-spatial learner, so I really like moving things around on the screen. 

In the subtraction and negative levels there would be bubbles with a number and a subtraction sign to subtract numbers. If you do really good on the level you receive fins or colours to customize your fish when you beat the level. 

PictureJust started game
Another app in the play pack is Match, the one I was originally interested in. Its purpose is to teach you your addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts. 

Each fact type has 4 stages, beginner, medium, challenging, and impossible. The way you play with addition mode is that there are 6 cards on the screen labeled with facts and numbers. Let's say that there was a 10 on one card and 5 plus 5 on another card -- you would tap the 2 cards at the same time and they would change into different cards as you proceeded in the level. The reason why they do that is because that those numbers both equal 10, that's why the game is called Match. Once you match an amount of numbers you beat a level, once you beat 5 levels you unlock an art card of a creature, which can be seen from a button on the home screen. Once you beat 10 levels you unlock another creature and beat the stage.

It's  a satisfying feeling to beat a level and collect the creature art cards!

Picturejust started game
Questimate is probably my favourite game in the pack. Its purpose is to make you a more accurate estimator.

It is the most unique math learning app I've ever played! You're suppose to make your own question and make your answer and see how accurate your answer actually is. The app gives you a choice of a certain thing to learn about, then you choose your sentence starter, and a sentence ending after. Next you make your answer, the app will give you the right tools to make it. So if I made "How much does a tiger shark weigh?" Then the screen would show up a calculator but along with numbers it would have a button you click to choose your unit. Finally you find out your answer. 

Now if you're close, good for you, but when you're way off when you thought you were near being right you can click a button at the bottom of the screen that says "really" and then the app shows where it got its info. How awesome is that! So you keep making and answering questions until you lose all 3 of your lives. You lose lives by having the actual answer be way way way off your estimate.

Wings, Fractions and Zoom are the other three games in the play pack, but you'll have to download the app to see for yourself how ELECTRIFYING those games are!

It feels good to complete something. I really liked being able to customize the games to meet my learning level.  Moving things around the screen and unlocking new levels was exciting while I was getting better at multiplication and other math facts!  I highly recommend these games for anyone in Grade 2 to 6 -- you'll get better at math for sure!